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  2. Pretty much where I want to be tomorrow. Bouncing between two hard cocks. 

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  3. Very excited. Got a meet set tomorrow where 2 top guys are going to fuck my holes. Been over a month without my ass taking a good filling and god knows how long since I got spitroasted. Cannot wait

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    I am a girl at heart and if you tell me what to do, I will do it

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    Dad told Uncle Matt about when I texted  him “Show me your dick right now!”, almost in fun, and he excused himself from a meeting, went to the washroom and did it with a selfie. So last Tuesday before school I did it to him too, knowing that he was on his way to the office. Uncle Matt pulls into a parking lot and gives me food for thought for the rest of the day and adds “Hey Brett, wanna come to New York with me for a week? Have already cleared it with your Dad and he cleared it with your school.”  So guys, that is where I have been for the last week. Holy crap what a city! Lots to tell.

    I would fucking slut out over a daddy dick like that poking out of a suit

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    Kevin, Loyal Employee

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    Find what you need!

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